Les Paravents [ The Screens] by Jean Genet at l’Odeon – Théâtre de l’Europe

Les Paravents [ The Screens] by Jean Genet, directed by Arthur Nauzyciel at l’Odeon – Théâtre de l’Europe – May 31st – June 19th, 2024.

Damien Jalet signs another choreographic work – the latest among their longstanding collaboration – with Director Arthur Nauzyciel, for his stage, with sixteen actors, of Jean Genet’s insolent and controversial play, The Screens. Written during the Algerian War, and created in 1966, it is restaged at the Odeon almost sixty years later. Reactivating the metaphysical and melancholic power of the writing, Nauzyciel takes on Genet’s gesture: transcending reality through poetry to make the world tolerable. Meanwhile, Jalet responds to Genet’s invitation to movement: bodies exult in a ballet as perilous as hypnotic.

Un grand geste poétique d’une beauté absolue.

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